Blue Lake Bush

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Blue Lake Pole 

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Golden Butterwax



Planting Depth: 1 ½ to 2 inches

Spacing: 3 to 6 inches

Produces large yields of 6” white seeded, golden yellow pods.

Hold’s fresh appearance & delicate flavor longer then other varieties.

Resistant to CBMV & NY15.

Ideal for table use, canning or freezing.


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Royal Burgundy

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55 Days

Planting Depth:

1½” to 2”

Spacing: 3 to 6 inches

Glossy, vivid burgundy podded bean

Round, stringless 5½” to 6” pods

Burgundy pods turn dark green when cooked.

Germinates in cool soil.

Some resistance to beetles,

Great for freezing, canning and fresh eating.

Easy for kids to pick.

Long Tendergreen

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