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Welcome to Hall's Feed and Seed​!

Welcome to Hall’s Feed and Seed Inc. your hometown supplier of Kent and Hubbard feed products. We promise to provide trusted and quality products along with the highest level of customer service. We offer products for your lawn, garden, pets, livestock, and farm. Give us the opportunity to serve you today!

Providing the Best of Hubbard and Kent Feed Products.

Hubbard Feeds Inc.

Hubbard Feeds provides nutrition programs to help improve the health, performance and well-being of your animals, and to make your life easier. These programs are designed using the latest technology and the best team in the business. Being passionate about your animals, your business and you, our customer, is a core value of Hubbard Feeds and the driving force behind “Products and Answers That WORK®.”

Kent Nutrition Group

We are a leading source of nutrition products and services for commercial livestock, lifestyle animals, and pets. It’s all we do. And more than simply recognizing the unique relationship our customers have with their animals – we share it.

Offering the Best Selection of La Crosse, ProHarvest, and Stine Seeds

ProHarvest Seeds

ProHarvest opened up as an independent seed company in 2011 but the families who own it have been providing quality seed for over 50 years! They pride themselves in not being a "one-size-fits-all" operation. ProHarvest tests thousands of seed hybrids each year to identify the products best suited for their clients soil.

La Crosse Seed

La Crosse Seed has become a trusted industry leader by offering the best available products, service and support to create a complete, one stop solution for agriculture and turf retailers nationwide. We are proud to provide you the “seed you need, when you need it”.

Stine Soybeans

For more than 35 years, Stine has been providing corn and soybean growers with the best genetics available in the industry. Being the country’s largest independent seed company means we have both ample resources and the flexibility to make timely decisions that ensure our research, products and programs are leading edge.

We offer livestock products for Beef and Dairy Cattle, Equine, Sheep and Goat, and Poultry. From feed to minerals we provide the highest quality Kent and Hubbard products. Additionally, we offer small batch milling for specialty feeds.

We stock a variety of La Crosse Seeds for your pasture and lawn. We also work with Moews for seed corn and Stine for soybeans.

We have the best-kept gates and fencing supplies in miles! We stock the highest quality gates and electric fencing products for our customers to use and rely on.

We offer a variety of pet products for cats, dogs, horses, rabbits, and fish. We have the perfect diet to fit their nutritional needs.

We have everything from perennial grass seed for your lawn, bulk vegetable seeds for your garden, to products to control the pest and the weeds. We also have seasonal fresh flowers for your planters and flowerbeds.

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